Attorney: Pipe bomb suspect was testing holiday fireworks

Louis Deinnocentes
Louis Deinnocentes
Larry Wilder
Larry Wilder

Jeffersonville, IN - By Scott Reynolds - bio | email
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JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – The southern Indiana man who police say left an explosive device near the railroad tracks that could have blown a train off the tracks appeared in court Tuesday.

According to his attorney, Larry Wilder, 47-year-old Louis Deinnocentes of Sellersburg grew up working with smokeless black powder, which he would use for muzzle loaders. But what Deinnocentes made that was found along the railroad tracks north of Clark County Airport had police extremely concerned because they said it could have killed several people.

Wilder said his client was just trying to use up some powder by building a test bomb to see what he could construct for the 4th of July. After it wouldn't blow up, Wilder said Deinnocentes left it at the tracks.

"He and another individual were experimenting," said Wilder, "making their own July 4th celebration device to take to his home in Brown County, Indiana and did not think that this was something that was actually what it is, which is, in fact, gives the state the ability to charge you with building and having destructive and explosive devices."

Deinnocentes will have to wear an ankle bracelet so authorities know his whereabouts at all times while he faces a Class C felony charge for possession of destructive devices.

Wilder says Deinnocentes, a licensed pharmacist from Purdue University who will soon go to Northwestern University for more schooling, just made a mistake and learned a valuable lesson about what he can build with that smokeless black powder.

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