High temperatures = high utility bills

By Shayla Reaves - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- The summer months find more people spending extra cash to stay cool.  Temperatures reached 90 degrees or higher for eleven straight days in June. The cost of running air conditioners adds up for those like George Brown.

"I really don't cross my fingers anymore, I used to...but I'm just looking for the high bill now,"said Brown said of his summer utility costs.

E.ON.US Spokesperson Chip Keeling said raising the thermostat at least two degrees can equal savings this time of year.

"We recommend 78 to 80 (degrees)," Keeling said. "Every degree they turn it up, you can save four to eight percent on that appliance which in this case is the air conditioner which can help a lot."

Other suggestions include keeping your air filter clean, running ceiling fans and closing the drapes.

The Metro LIHEAP program provides eligible households with one-time payments to electric providers. The program is for low-income residents and is available until the money runs out.

For more information you can call 574-1157.

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