Defense attorney wants new jury pool for Karen Sypher Trial

Karen Sypher
Karen Sypher
Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - During the second day of jury selection for the trial of a woman accused of trying to extort money from University of Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino, Karen Sypher's attorney has asked for the entire jury to be struck.

It was an oral motion, but the judge asked for a written one.  Defense attorney Jim Earhart said he plans to file it by midnight Wednesday.  If the judge agrees, an entirely new jury pool would have to be formed, and new jurors interviewed.

Earhart said Monday he thought it will be "difficult" to find an impartial jury.  The pool was down to 55 after the second day of questioning.

Tuesday afternoon, the judge and attorneys were interviewing about 10 jurors whose answers on the preliminary questionnaire, concerned the defense.  Some of their responses towards Sypher, including the use of words like "gold-digger," "untrustworthy," and "greedy."

Sypher is facing six federal charges, including threatening with the intent to extort, retaliating against Rick Pitino, and lying to FBI agents.

In 2003, Sypher and Pitino had sex in a Louisville restaurant, Sypher claimed it was rape and Pitino forced her to abort an unborn child. Pitino says the sex was consensual and after, Sypher tried to extort $10 million from him to keep her quiet.

Sypher's trial is scheduled to begin July 26th, 2010.

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