Poison Oak, Ivy going around in Kentuckiana

By Lori Lyle - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Sunburns aren't the only cause of blisters this week in Kentuckiana.  Poison Oak and Poison Ivy are causing some typical summertime misery and a lot of it is lurking in Kentuckiana woods and even backyards.

In WAVE 3's weekly check of "What's Going Around" Dr. Christina Breit with Dupont Internal Medicine and Jewish Physician Group says the contact dermatitis that results from contact with the plants can need more than just over the counter treatment.

First know the signs of the allergic reaction. Look for blisters that form in crops on the body and of course the itching. Some patients do need prescription oral steroids and topical ointments to feel relief.

And if it spreads to the face, Breit says a steroid shot may be necessary.

Other advice: wear long sleeves and gloves when working in the yard or an area known for the plants. And once finished, take a shower and wash all exposed clothing in hot water.

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