Juror questionnaire in Sypher trial asks personal and ethical questions

Karen Sypher
Karen Sypher
Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino

Louisville, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A jury was seated July 14 to hear to the case against Karen Sypher, the Louisville woman accused of trying to extort millions from Rick Pitino, the University of Louisville men's head basketball coach. After three days, attorneys agreed on the 16 member jury, comprised of 8 women and 8 men.

Before the jury was seated, each of the potential jurors was given a questionnaire to fill out asking what they have heard about the case in the community and on the news, their thoughts about abortion, extramarital sex, Pitino, Sypher, and their views regarding some ethical issues.

Seated Juror #25 wrote: "The only thing that I have heard about on the news are the charges against Karen Cunagin Sypher."

Seated Juror #91 responded after asked what she has heard in the community about the case, Pitino or Sypher: "People say she is crazy and he is a liar and an adulterer."

About abortion, Juror #47, who the defense wanted dismissed, checked the statement, which read it's a private matter and not my business.

Regarding Pitino, Juror #96 wrote: "I believe that Rick Pitino is a very good college basketball coach."

In the end, those with the strongest opinions were not seated on the jury. One woman who stated she is on fertility meds said, "I feel so strongly against abortion if this case deals with abortion I will not be able to handle it emotionally."

Another man wrote, "She is a scam artist. Love him as a basketball coach."

Potential Juror #147 wrote: "Most of what I remembered was centered on Pitino's affair and his tongue-lashing at the media event."

Potential Juror #80 wrote of Sypher's fate, "leaning toward guilty."

Another person wrote: "She is a blonde bimbo trying to get rich."

On July 13, James Earhart, Sypher's attorney, made a motion to strike the entire jury pool. Earhart had until midnight on July 14 to file that paperwork. If Judge Charles Simpson III grants Earhart's motion, the jury selection process would have to start over.

Sypher is accused of trying to extort $10 million from Pitino, retaliation against a witness, and lying to the FBI. Her trial is expected to begin July 26 at the Gene Snyder Federal Courthouse in downtown Louisville.

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