WAVE 3 viewer spots missing Louisville teen Jordan Humphrey

Jordan Humphrey
Jordan Humphrey

Louisville, KY - By Shayla Reaves - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A WAVE 3 viewer says he saw missing Louisville at-risk teen, but didn't know about the Golden Alert until two days later.

18-year-old Jordan Humphrey left his mother's home near the 2700 block of Reidling Drive off Brownsboro Road in the Clifton neighborhood on July 15. A Golden Alert was issued the next day. Steve, a WAVE 3 viewer, posted the following comment at wave3.com on July 18 after watching our coverage.

"I saw this kid on Friday evening walking into Prospect on HWY 42. I saw the story tonight (Sunday) on the news. The kid I saw had a beard and hair on his head, which they should have mentioned, with blue shorts and he was carrying a bag," Steve said. "I called Oldham County 911 and they didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about and had not heard of this kid or the Golden Alert! I had to call LMPD non-emergency number and relay my info. They didn't even ask me for my name or telephone number until I asked them if they wanted it before they hung up. I hope they locate this kid. The surrounding counties should be notified when an alert like this comes up."

We contacted the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management for details about the differences between Amber Alerts for children and Golden Alerts for adults considered at risk when it comes to getting out information.

"There is no established portal like there is for an Amber Alert," said  Buddy Rogers, a spokesperson for Kentucky EMA about the Golden Alert system.

That means there is no common system such as a database made accessible to anyone, anywhere in law enforcement to see that a Golden Alert has been issued for Jefferson County. The information spreads through media, word of mouth and through email in some cases according to Rogers.

Still that's not the only challenge for police handling Humphrey's case. Though family members said he has the mental abilities of a child between the ages of 10 and 12, police said certain realities can be limiting once Humphrey is relocated:

  • Jordan Humphrey is age 18.
  • He is legally an adult
  • He is not declared incompetent by the court system.

According to Sgt. Jim Bland of the Louisville Metro Police Crimes Against Children's Unit, which also includes the missing person's division, searchers who find Bland would not have the authority to make him go home.

"He's an adult that has every right as an adult to go places, go where he wants to go, so the response is going to be different when you're looking for an adult that has those rights," according to Bland. "Especially when compared to a child who doesn't have the rights or ability to take care of themselves."

In addition, even though we searched the family's address and uncovered 10 registered sex offenders living in eight locations within two miles of the family's home, Bland said the case does not meet the criteria needed to be considered a crime against a child. According to Bland, that criteria includes evidence of a sex crime or physical abuse that may have led to Humphrey's leaving home. Bland said that criteria has not been met in this case and the case is being handled as a missing person.

"We have no reason to believe that he has left the local area," Bland said. "Reports have gone into Oldham County, but as far as leaving the state or the geographic area we have no reason to believe that he has done that."

Bland said tips continue to arrive daily and officers continue to follow up on new leads. He said those involved believe Humphrey is still in the area.

"I have reason to believe that here are folks out there who know who Mr. Humphrey is or at least where he has been recently," Bland said.

Family members researched and contacted to search units on their own, according to Jasmine Salvi, Humphrey's aunt. Those involved included the Jefferson County Search Dog Association.

Family members said Humphrey is scheduled to start his senior year at Moore High School this fall. We're told he is 6'2" and a member of the Special Olympics team.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 immediately. Tips can also be sent to 574-LMPD (5673).

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