The zoo plans to bring back the popular miniature train ride

Mark Zoeller
Mark Zoeller
Athyleon Stindall
Athyleon Stindall
Mike Gryboski
Mike Gryboski

Louisville, KY - By Doug Druschke – e-mail

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - People come from all around to visit the attractions at the Louisville Zoo. One of those attractions used to be the miniature train ride. Officials at the zoo say ever since last year's derailment, their plan has always been to bring the train ride back.

"I liked it," said Mike Gryboski. "I really enjoyed it. My children really liked it a lot too."

Other zoo visitors agreed.

"We brought our little granddaughter up here today," said Athyleon Stindall. "She's been here previously and I think she missed not riding the train today."

"Something about kids and trains go together like kids and dinosaurs," said Mark Zoeller, assistant director of the Louisville Zoo.

June 1, 2009 was a chaotic day for the zoo. The train derailment left 22 people were injured. An investigation into the crash determined the train's driver had very little training and was on her first solo drive. Since then, five lawsuits have been filed regarding the accident.

Now, the train station sits empty and the tracks are silent. Zoeller says they are doing everything they can to get the train back on the tracks.

"The tracks not gonna take that much work, but erred looking at taking something and making it even safer. So, we've engaged some engineers looking at the track layout in its entirety and looking at what we can do to make it as good of an experience for everybody as we can," said Zoeller.

According to Zoeller, there is no definite answer as to when zoo-goers can be all aboard.

"We'd like to be finishing up that evaluation here in the next few weeks," said Zoeller. "And then we'll have to digest that and make our decision about when and if we're able to reopen it."

Stindall says she wants to see it return.

"Bring it back. Make sure it's safe but, bring it back."

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