2 dogs die after bees attack them in TN

LEBANON, TN (AP) - A second family pet attacked by bees over the weekend in Middle Tennessee has died.

The two dogs were owned by Susan Garner of Wilson County who came outside on Sunday when she heard her Labrador retriever in distress.

Garner told The Tennessean the 125-pound dog was covered in bees. She tried to wash them off with a garden hose, but the dog - named Katie - died. A smaller Boston terrier wasn't covered with bees, but was stung repeatedly. He died Tuesday at a veterinarian's office.

Tennessee Beekeepers Association president Jim Garrison said he's never heard of any such attack by honey bees.

Agriculture officials were checking, but the bees were not believed to be the more aggressive Africanized bees, which have not been found in Tennessee.

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