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Police say baby had Tylenol PM in system when died

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Jeffersontown, KY -

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Jeffersontown Police have wrapped up a six-month investigation and are speaking about it first with WAVE 3 and sharing the long awaited toxicology results. The baby's mother, Geneva Walters, was indicted by the grand jury on two charges Thursday and has since turned herself into police.

EMS was called to a home in the 4100 block of Billtown Road around 2 a.m. on January 28. Emergency responders discovered 8-month-old Michael Cowherd unconscious next to a bathtub. He later died.

"She was attempting to draw bath water for herself," said Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders said about the baby's mother. "She placed the baby in water of about six inches deep and then she went into the kitchen to make the baby a bottle, leaving the baby in the tub by himself. While she was away within that five minute period of time the baby fell into the water."

The baby drown. Police say his mother, 23-year-old Geneva Walters, had given the boy adult Tylenol PM earlier that night because he wasn't sleeping, but police wouldn't say how much.

"Sometimes we hear old wives tales on how to deal with a child that's not sleeping," said Sanders. "I think we need to disregard those things and listen to a physician."

Walters is charged with second degree manslaughter and first degree wanton endangerment.

"It's not like someone has gone out and shot somebody in the head and killed them," said Sanders. "This is a difficult situation for everybody involved. We've lost an 8-month-old child. A mother has lost a child, and now this mother is dealing with some pretty significant consequences."

Walters turned herself in and is being held on a $75,000 as of Friday afternoon. She will be in court on Monday.

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