U of L students help BP with oil spill solutions

Louisville, KY - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) –As the BP oil crisis rages on, so does the need for a permanent solution.  That's kept several U of L Speed School of Engineering graduate students and alumni busy.

They've kept tabs on possible solutions that have flooded into BP, while also coming up with their own proposals.

The students worked to classify nearly 120,000 suggestions BP received.

Jake Sunding is one of the students who worked firsthand on the project, sifting through ideas that came electronically from around the world.

"What I was looking at was whether the person who had submitted the solution had done their homework and if they had taken into account the boundary conditions and if they had a unique take on the situation, then we moved it forward," Sunding said.

Of the thousands of ideas he looked at, he said he sent about 100 of them onto officials working the frontlines in the gulf.

This all comes as experts continue their push on for a permanent solution to stop the spill.

Sunding says it is a honor to be a part of hoping to find a fix.

This all comes as company officials confirm that Tony Hayward will be moved to its Russia operations and for the first time in company history, an American -- Bob Dudley -- will take over the British company.

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