Parents of child killed by suspected drunk driver thank community for support

Amy Geitgey
Amy Geitgey
Bobby Geitgey
Bobby Geitgey
Dylan Geitgey (Source; Geitgey famiy)
Dylan Geitgey (Source; Geitgey famiy)

Louisville, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The parents of an 11-year-old boy, killed after police say a drunk driver hit him, expressed their gratitude to the people who are helping them deal with their son's death.

"Just thanks to everybody," said Amy Geitgey, Dylan's mother. "There's so many people, but we want everybody to know how thankful and grateful we are for everything they have done."

It has been a little more than three weeks since the Geitgey family drove to Ohio to bury Dylan. Bobby Geitgey, Dylan's father, said praying has been helping the family take steps forward.

"I mean, we have to go on," said Bobby. "We have two other children that we have to raise and it's been difficult. We have kind of {an} emotional roller coaster."

"We have days where we are okay and then just moments where it's just ... the wounds are still fresh," Bobby continued. "A lot of times it's very surreal, but we know we have to move forward," he said.

The Geitgeys said their life changed on Saturday, June 26. Louisville Metro Police officers responded to an accident on Shenandoah Drive. Investigators said 30-year-old Angela Baumia who was driving a Ford Escort on Shenandoah Drive, hit Dylan as he rode his bike. Geitgey died the next day.

Amy Geitgey spoke about that day. She said she remembered when her son asked permission to go back to his friend's house.

"We said 'yeah' and he had a curfew to be home and that's when everything changed," said Amy. "You have your days of real anger, then other day so of just complete sadness and you don't know if you can go on or how to go on ... that's where you look to family and friends."

The Geitgeys said talking about their son helps them. They called it therapeutic.

"He was a very energetic, young man," said Bobby, "kinda like the sun breaking through the clouds on a partly cloudy day. That's what he was, when he walked into a room."

According to Bobby, Dylan showed his energetic personality on the basketball court while playing for Chancey Elementary School.

"He wasn't the star ball player. Everybody just loved it 'cause he was so quick," remembered Bobby, who called Dylan the heart of the team.

Amy described her son's giving side and said Dylan was constantly gave away his school supplies to other kids. That's why Amy said they are going to use part of the donations from the memorial fund to purchase school supplies to give to students attending Chancey Elementary, where Dylan had just graduated from 5th grade.

"{It's} our way of giving back to them because I think he is going to be smiling about that when we take it in there," said Amy.

The Geitgeys shared with us some good news they had received. A letter they received from the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates gave them some information regarding who their son's organs went to.

According to the letter, Dylan's right kidney was donated to a 51-year-old Kentucky man, suffering from a kidney disease. His left kidney and pancreas went to a North Carolina man, suffering from a kidney disease. The 11-year-old's liver was donated to a Tennessee girl.

But the most touching donation for the family was their son's heart. The organ went to a 10-year-old Ohio boy with a heart condition. Dylan's parents spoke about the day they made the decision to donate their son's organs, saying it's what Dylan would have wanted.

"Its, uh, bittersweet, but it's amazing when we received the letter that, you know, it's been a success, hopefully. We pray for them and their family that they just live a long and happy life," said Amy. "Hopefully, one day we'll be able to meet them and see how Dylan has touched their lives."

Until then, the Geitgeys want to say thank you to the people who have stuck by them, including their Louisville family, friends, the Marine Corps, staff member at Chancey Elementary School, Dylan's friends and classmates, area churches, and many more.

Baumia has been charged with murder, drunk driving, running a stop sign, and wanton endangerment. Court papers show Baumia's blood alcohol that night was 0.14, nearly twice the legal limit. Baumia had plead not guilty to the charges. She is being held on a $100,000 bond and will be back in court August 17.

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