Pitino's attorney: 'There is no happiness for anybody'

Louisville, KY - Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – After a federal jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts against Karen Sypher in the attempted extortion of Rick Pitino, Steve Pence, Pitino's attorney, gave us his reaction to the trial.

"There is no happiness for anybody," said Pence. "This is someone (Sypher) who has lied for the last 15 months. She took every opportunity to go to the media every chance she could to spread false allegations."

Pence also said that Sypher had one chance to tell her story and she turned it down.

"You see the kind of person the coach had to deal with these 15 months," said Pence. "There is no joy in this for anybody. It's tragic to have people like Karen Sypher in the world. The coach is moving on with his life."

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