Dogs found in freezer during raid

CASEY COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A Kentucky animal rights group said they couldn't wait any longer, because more than 100 dogs were living in deplorable conditions behind a Casey County home.

The raid began around 11 a.m. on Sunday, where dozens of volunteers wore decontamination suits to rescue more than 100 dogs. Neighbors who first reported the abuse say the dogs had been living in deplorable conditions. Some were covered in feces, urine and maggots.

Investigators say a disturbing discovery came, when they found about a dozen dead dogs lodged in freezers in the home.

The homeowner Cheryl Turner says reports of dead dogs are not true. And that the dogs aren't in bad shape. Turner says she's also lost her job because of the ordeal.

All the dogs were taken to the Garrard County Humane Society, where vets took care of the dogs in the most dire condition. All were cleaned and will head to different shelters throughout the state soon, in the hopes of being adopted.

Investigators say Turner who is charged with second degree animal cruelty, faces more charges in the upcoming days.

All the animals will head to different shelters throughout Kentucky, where they will later be up for adoption.

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