Move of school bus stop upsets parents, but WAVE 3 gets results

Billy Faith
Billy Faith
Jeanne and Kenny Bennett
Jeanne and Kenny Bennett
Bill Briscoe
Bill Briscoe

New Albany, IN - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - On August 11, students attending New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated Schools will need to get used to a variety of changes. Due to budget cuts, the school system made a variety of changes in time for the new school year, including closing four schools, moving 5th graders from elementary to middle schools, adjusting bus routes and school start times.

Billy Faith called us about his concerns that his child's school bus stop had been removed from the new plan. He said his son would have to catch the bus half a mile from his home on streets, he considered unsafe.

"They're asking them to walk where it...I mean its roads just like sidewalks. None at all," Faith explained.

Other parents, like Jeanne and Kenny Bennett, said they were unhappy by the change.

"Evidently, they're sitting behind a desk, making schedules on a computer. They don't know where they're looking at. They need to get out here and walk this neighborhood themselves," Jeanne Bennett said.

"I just don't want a tragedy to happen for them to change," said Kenny Bennett, who echoed his wife's concerns.

Parents in the neighborhood got used to their kids being picked up a few feet away from their homes. The concerned parents told WAVE 3 they cannot drop off their kids at Hazelwood Middle School because they have to be at work hours before the bell rings at 9 a.m. each day.

"I just want my kid picked up. What's it going to cost me and these people to keep our kid from getting hurt of picked up or run over or anything," Kenny Bennett said.

We spoke with Bill Briscoe, Assistant to the Superintendent for Administration and Operations, for the New Albany-Floyd County schools. In a matter of 30 minutes, Briscoe added the bus stop back on Korb Avenue and Sprigler Court.

"We don't want to sacrifice the safety of the children," said Briscoe. "As soon as you let me know what stop {were concerns made} by parents, I talked to the Transportation Division. We made a quick run down there and this was one that was easily solved."

When we told Faith the news that the stop had been added back to the route, he was glad we got results so fast and immediately told his son the good news.

"Our good friends at WAVE 3 got the job done. Your bus stop is going to be right there," Faith said. "I really appreciate it. That's why we called you, because we knew you could take care of it."

We're told buses will pick up students going to elementary, middle, and high school at that stop. Briscoe said the school system is always trying to be efficient when it comes to funds.

"We're just happy we're able to solve this situation. We're going to move forward," Briscoe said.

According to Briscoe, they receive a number of questions from parents, including questions about transfers, buses, food service, and class size issues around this time of year. Briscoe said if parents have any complaints or concerns to contact them.

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