Know your child's school dress code

Tom Wortham
Tom Wortham
Tim Healy
Tim Healy

Louisville, KY - By Dawne Gee - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Dress for success. That statement can mean something different at every school because every schools dress code is different. The Site Based Decision Making Council has the ability to make decisions on the dress code that fits the needs of their school, but the differences in those decisions can be great. It can go from a very flexible set of rules to a guide that dictates the color of your clothing, your socks, shoes, jewelry, hair and more.

"We enforce our dress code to a "T" and our kids know that and their parents know that when they enter the program," explains Tom Wortham, principal for Barret Traditional Middle School.

we at this school try to foster the individuality of the child," said Tim Healy, principal of J. Graham Brown School. "We celebrate the individuality of the child. We think that's important for the learning process."

Each school sets its own dress code. It's important that before your child goes to school, you make sure you know what it is and agree to it. At J. Graham Brown School, the dress code consists of three sentences.

"For the most part they self-monitor," Healy said. "They self police their own dress out of respect for their peers. Because they do that well that's an issue we don't have to worry about at our school. We can focus on teaching and learning."

Barret Traditional Middle's SBDM council follows a different philosophy and has an entire page of appearance guidelines.

"The research is pretty clear that if you dress a certain way ... if you dress up to a certain standard, you'll perform," stresses Wortham. "Whether that's as a student or an adult in the work place."

Most educators would agree - whether your school's dress code is very strict or liberal, there is one key factor to making it work. It will only be as strong as the support you get from parents in enforcing that dress code from home.

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