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More evidence against Banis and Mundt in court filings

Jeffery Mundt Jeffery Mundt
Joseph Banis Joseph Banis
Judge Mitch Perry Judge Mitch Perry
Louisville, KY -

By Janelle MacDonald - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The two men accused of killing a Lexington man and burying his body in the basement of a home in Old Louisville will stay behind bars for now.

Jeffery Mundt and Joseph Banis were in court Friday, with Banis' lawyer asking the judge to reduce his bond from the current $1 million so he could try to get out of jail. Judge Mitch Perry denied that motion, saying Banis already has a long record of problems with the law.

In the current murder case, Banis and Mundt, who sometimes goes by Jace, agree on two things in their stories they told police: James Carroll died while all three were in a bedroom of Mundt's home on 4th Street and both helped bury his body in the dirt basement.

Their stories differ in who killed Carroll, each pointing the finger at each other.

"Joey kind of gave me this strange look and he was like, 'Yes?' He asked me yes," Mundt said in his police interview in June. "I said, like I don't know, I shrugged my shoulders and I looked back and Joey had a knife in his hand and cut the guy's throat."

"Jamie was yelling my name asking for help and Jace had pulled .38 Smith & Wesson revolver out," Banis said in his interview the same day. "before I knew it had shot Jaime, what appeared like to be through the heart at least twice."

"Wrapped the body in, I don't know, some kind of sheet that was on the bed, cause everything was bloody, my whole room was bloody, and dragged it down, or carried it down to the basement," said Mundt.

"Jace dug the hole until he came upstairs furious one day because I didn't want to be down there," Banis said. "I didn't want to be part of this whole thing but he came upstairs and he said I would get my a** down there and help him."

The police investigation reveals Carroll was tied up with twine, then stuffed in a large plastic container.  Documents show it was shut tight with tape, and foam sealant.

Police say also in the container was around 132 pounds of lime, sometimes used to hide the smell and dispose of a body.

Both Mundt and Banis told police they didn't want to take part in getting rid of Carroll's body, but were scared of the other.

"Joey pointed the gun at me and threatened me and told me if I ever told anybody he'd kill me, he'd kill my family and my cats," Mundt said.

"I was scared for myself, scared for my family and I was also in love with this guy," Banis said.

The crime only came to light this June around six month's later, when Banis, under arrest for threatening Mundt, told police of Carroll's murder.

"One, I no longer love him and two, somebody's just got to know the truth," Banis said at the time.

The interviews are part of a large file of documents, pictures and videos police and prosecutors turned over in court to be used in the murder case against Banis and Mundt.

They are also charged with robbery. Police believe stealing Carroll's drugs and money was the motive for the killing.

Banis and Mundt could get the death penalty if convicted.

Judge Perry set a tentative trial date for the two for next summer.

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