Charitable events heat up under the sun

Paul Hirn
Paul Hirn
Adele Overstreet
Adele Overstreet
John Murrow & Nick Cain
John Murrow & Nick Cain

Louisville, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The extreme summer heat did not stop many people from attending events for a charitable cause.

'Friday Night Live' kicked-off Saint Joseph Orphan's Picnic. This is its 161st year for the event. Paul Hirn, vice president of the board and picnic chair, said the proceeds from the two-day event will go toward the organizations general fund.

"The event allows us to use those funds that we generate toward the operating costs to keep the lights on to do the things that are required to do," Hirn said.

Located at 2823 Frankfort Avenue in Crescent Hill, St. Joseph Children's Home helps many children. It is for that reason, that Adele Overstreet attends the events.

"I try to tell people come and participate 'cause it's such a wonderful cause," said Overstreet, who told us an alumni of St. Joseph's

Overstreet did not shy away from the blazing sun, but instead she came prepared.

"Well, this is my wash cloth soaked in ice water that I brought from home because I knew it was going to be hot and I got my cooler here and as old as I am I can't afford to have a heat stroke," she said.

Donna Warren said she can't miss the event either. She said she has come for many, many years. The heat does not phase her. "It's always hot at St. Joseph's picnic. It's supposed to be I guess," Warren said.

A few blocks away in Germantown, a blues festival was underway. Some of the proceeds from the festival will go to the Musician's Emergency Resource Foundation (MERF).

"We knew the neighborhood would turn. They're pretty dependable," said Nick Cain, owner of the Zeppelin Café.

From extreme heat to light rain, people boogied to the blues.

"For it being raining and 90 plus degrees I think it's a pretty good turnout," said John Morrow, owner of Check's Café.

Murrow said he and Cain decided to put together the event. It's the first year. Shawn Sumner and his wife had planned to eat at Check's and ended up staying for the Germantown Blues Festival.

"We don't have children. Anytime, there is something, a charitable organization, no matter what it is, we're trying to come," Sumner said.

Saint Joseph Orphan's Picnic continues August 14 from noon to midnight. The Germantown Blues Festival continues August 14 from 5:30 p.m. to midnight.

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