Some JCPS students dropped off at 9PM; officials react

Louisville, KY - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - More than 900 buses carrying 63,000 kids were back on the roads Wednesday for the second day of classes at JCPS, despite several transportation troubles on Tuesday.

Calls poured into the WAVE 3 Newsroom after some kids didn't get home until late Tuesday night. Hundreds of students didn't get home until hours after school was out for the day.

District officials say they have identified three schools within JCPS that seemed to have the most problems for the bus ride home:  King, Lincoln, and Chancey Elementary schools.

We spoke with one frustrated parent whose daughter didn't get home until 9 o'clock Tuesday evening.

"She was really wanting to ride the bus, she was excited," said Anthony Johnson.

That excitement quickly turned into frustration - and even worry - for Johnson and his family.

His 5-year-old daughter, Brandy, made it with a slight delay from Jeffersontown to Lincoln Elementary.

"She enjoyed the first day; she was excited," Johnson said.

But the ride home was a much different story. Hours past when she should have been home, he said no one at JCPS knew his daughter's whereabouts.

"All kids were officially dropped off at 7:30 and at that point my daughter has not been located and you call and you're not getting any information and nobody truly knows anything," Johnson said.

Finally at 8:30 Tuesday night, a bus driver called. Brandy was the last child on the bus, miles from home.

"By the time she got home she was very exhausted and tired and hungry because the last time she ate was 11:20 a.m. at lunch," Johnson said.

Little Brandy - still tired and frazzled after being with strangers for so long - stayed home on the second day of classes.

She was one of dozens of kids who apparently had the wrong bus info on her tag.

Despite the reason, her parents are now even more outraged that she had to go so far from home in the first place.

"We're looking to find a school that's closer to home. There are five schools within 10 minutes of where we live that she can be dropped off and picked up each day without having to ride the bus," Johnson said.

The question remains: what's the district doing about the mess? Leaders are meeting about that right now and say they'll be taking "swift action."

Superintendent Dr. Sheldon Berman will announce exactly what that action includes at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

We'll bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, if you have issues about your child's bus ride, you can call the district's transportation hotline at 485-3470.

Meanwhile, attorney Ted Gordon, who has filed lawsuits against JCPS about its school assignment plan, says he has received over 15 calls from parents who had problems with the district on the first day of school.


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