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It's back to class for Greater Clark County Schools

By Chris McGill - bio | email

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Over the last couple of weeks Summer vacation has been winding down across Kentuckiana. On Thursday students in the Greater Clark County school district were the last in the region to head back to class.

On the first day of fall classes at Maple Elementary School in Jeffersonville, things have gone smoothly for both the teachers and students, according to teacher Sue Anderson.

"I think I just felt a sense of excitement for the kids," Anderson said. "They're all interested in finding out who their teacher is and what's going to happen this year."

Anderson says the first day is a busy one for the kids.

"Their big focus is seeing who's in their classroom and meeting their teacher and just getting organized and [learning] expectations, we set a lot of expectations for them, remind them of rules, that kind of thing."

Elesha Sizemore dropped off her little girl for kindergarten for the first time on Thursday. She says that the first day of school was exciting for her daughter but a little harder on her.

"Heartbreaking, nerve wrecking - but she's growing up," Sizemore said. "She has to learn to be independent so it's a big step for us all."

The Greater Clark County Schools is the largest of the three school districts in Clark County. They're among the last of the school districts in the area to head back to class. Nearly 11,000 students attend the district countywide.

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