Is JCPS looking to hire you?

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One of the few sectors of employment to, for the most part, avoid layoffs during this economic recession has been public education.

"The only good thing about high unemployment is that it's much easier for us to fill certain jobs than it used to be," said Bill Eckles, executive director of Human Resources for the Jefferson County Public Schools.

What's more, the people applying for JCPS jobs, just as in the marketplace, tend to be "overqualified."

"We're finding a lot of folks with degrees that are applying for some of our entry-level positions," said Eckles. "In fact, I have a couple of openings in my department right now for clerical support people, and we had our choice of four individuals who had bachelor's degrees."

The district recently hired 52 school bus drivers for this school year. While those jobs have been somewhat hard to fill in the past, the economy, combined with a starting pay of more than $14.00 an hour,  has allowed JCPS to fill those positions quickly. The same goes for substitute teachers. The few jobs that are open, however, require the right education.

"Some areas of special education I think we're going to be hiring for the next couple of weeks, and in some special education categories. And there could end up being some math positions, we're not sure yet," Eckles said.

Eckles went on to say that special education jobs will likely be harder to fill for years to come, and the more specialized your education is to work with kids with greater special needs, the better.

For now, though, getting a job at JCPS is about as hard as getting into one of its traditional schools - a lot of applicants for very few openings.

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