Missing woman's ex-husband arrested on separate case

Nina Keown
Nina Keown

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LEXINGTON, IN (WAVE) - Scott County Sheriff's deputies arrested a missing woman's ex-husband, Saturday afternoon, accused of violating probation.

According to Scott County Sheriff John Lizenby, Clark County issued a warrant for Robert Petty's arrest for violating probation on a felony theft. Petty has also been named as a person of interest in his ex-wife's disappearance, 26-year-old Nina Keown.

Keown has been missing since August 7th. Authorities said she had a fight with her ex-husband and then went missing after walking back toward a music festival in Scottsburg.

Petty is not a suspect, but, Sheriff Lizenby said he was the last known person to see Keown two weeks ago.

On Saturday, deputies busted open the door to Petty's home on Plymouth Road in Lexington, IN to arrest him for violating probation. Sheriff Lizenby said Petty did not put up a fight and said his family has been working with detectives, regarding Keown's case.

"It's not like these people are being uncooperative. They work with us, but everything but no evidence," Sheriff Lizenby said.

The sheriff said he has asked Robert Petty questions about Keown's disappearance. "I keep telling him, 'Bobby c'mon on. Look at all your past history. You're the last person {to have seen her}'. I gave him all those things. 'It looks bad'. But, he said he's innocent," Sheriff Lizenby said.

Keown's mother, Debbie Conover does not want Petty's arrest to take away from her daughter's search. "I just don't want people to forget that Nina's still missing and we still need to keep looking," she said.

In her heart, Conover believes, Petty knows more. "He's almost gotta have the answer, to me. He's the last person to {have seen} her and he has to have an answer," she said.

Conover said the past two weeks have been difficult for the family. "There still has not been not one trace -nothing," she said. "I do not understand how someone could just vanish and I mean nothing," she continued.

Petty has a court appearance, next week, on a domestic abuse charge, involving Keown, which was filed in April.

If you have any information on Nina Keown's whereabouts, call the Scott County Sheriff's department or the anonymous tip line at (812) 752-7898.

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