6 treated after crash between school bus and SUV

Keith Goff
Keith Goff
Michael Jones
Michael Jones

Louisville, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A trip home from school turned into a trip to the hospital for several JCPS students after an accident between a school bus and an SUV around 5:30 p.m. on August 25 in west Louisville.

According to Dwight Mitchell, a LMPD spokesperson, the crash happened at the intersection of 26th and Madison Streets between a school bus heading north on 26th Street and turning left onto Madison Street hit a Ford Escape SUV that was headed south on 26th.

JCPS officials say 11 students were on bus #0636, which was coming from Bloom Elementary School. Four of them were taken to Kosair Children's Hospital as a precaution. Rick Caple, transportation director for JCPS, said students complained their heads or elbows hurt. He said it did not appear to be serious injuries.

Mitchell told us the four students had minor injuries. He said two adults in the SUV were taken to University Hospital.

"I'm going to live," said Keith Goff, a passenger in the Escape who was not taken to the hospital. "The only thing {is} my head hurts and I got a couple of bruises."

Goff said he, another passenger, and the Escape's driver had come from the hardware store when the accident happened.

"The bus turned in front of us {and} BAM," he said.

Michael Jones said he was driving behind the school bus and witnessed the accident.

"I was just sitting in the driver's seat and {thought} 'I don't believe this. {there is} going to be an impact'. Then, WAM," Jones said. "The bus turned directly in front of the black car about that much distance. When the bus turned in front of it and there was no way to hit your brakes."

Jones said he stopped his car in the middle of 26th Street to help.

"{I} went to the bus to see if {there were any kids hurt} to try to help them kids," he said.

According to Jones, a nearby medic also helped as Jones called 911.

The accident is still under investigation and Mitchell said it is too early to tell who is at fault. Once LMPD completes its investigation, JCPS spokesperson Lauren Roberts said they will conduct an accident review.

Goff called it an unfortunate accident, but said he is glad none of the kids were hurt.

According to hospital officials, all students have been released from the hospital.

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