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Victim's brother warned Brent Burke about stalking his sister

Brent Burke Brent Burke
Tracy Burke (Source: WAVE 3 archive photo) Tracy Burke (Source: WAVE 3 archive photo)
Karen Comer (Source: WAVE 3 archive photo) Karen Comer (Source: WAVE 3 archive photo)
Elizabethtown, KY -

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ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - The brother of a woman shot to death inside of a Rineyville home in 2007 took the stand in the double murder case. At one point, David James Wilburn was very emotional and needed a tissue. His sister was 31-year-old Tracy Burke, whose estranged husband, Brent Burke, is on trial for her murder and that of her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer.

Before the shootings, Wilburn said he considered Brent Burke more than a brother-in-law, but a friend. Now, Wilburn is guardian to Burke's two kids, a son age 7 and a daughter age 4.

Wilburn teared up talking about when he found out his sister Tracy had been murdered. Earlier that day, September 11, 2007, Wilburn got a voicemail from his brother-in-law.

"Hey Dave this is, it's Brent," Wilburn said recalling the message. "I didn't know, have you heard anything from Tracy? I haven't heard from her in several days. Give me a phone call. He sounded kind of nervous."

Wilburn agreed that the two should be separated because they had too many "issues."

"He was adamant that he couldn't get a divorce," said Wilburn. "It would scorn him from his family. He did say he loved her, but then multiple times he screamed obscenities about her and wanted to kill her."

Wilburn said he was worried about Brent Burke being suicidal and made him promise to get counseling. Wilburn warned Burke that he better be careful or he could be charged with stalking and harassing Tracy, but Wilburn didn't contact law enforcement.

"There was a lot of anger, but no I would have never realized or thought, I didn't think that, I didn't think something like that would..." said Wilburn, his voice trailing off.

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