Keown Press Conference Edited Transcript

She was always working with us on this. And one day she actually looked at me and gave me a hug and asked me if I was all right.

This is the kind of person she is. So we wanted an answer for her and her family and we think we're going to have that answer soon.

She was a loving, giving kind of person that cared so much about her kids. She was going through a hard time finding work, doing things and felt like she wasn't able to take care of her kids and she kept trying. And I just want everybody to know that she loved everybody and she was a friend to everybody when she seen them and she tried to take care of everybody else even though she was having her own problem.

It's been very difficult. We're in an extremely remote area, and area with deep ravines, thickets, heavy rocks. We actually - we were sliding down to it to get to it. So it was a difficult, difficult spot. And he knew that. But ultimately, he wanted to tell somebody.

One thing I found out in this case is he wants to talk. He would call: 'come here, I want to talk to you, I want to tell you something.' And we would talk. We would let him talk. We knew he wasn't being honest with us. We knew, we were catching him lies. But if he's talking, we're going to let him. And I think that all the information together, with all the press coverage, knowing how everybody in the area was looking for him - the pressure mounted. And then he gets locked up.

We find him hiding out underneath bridges. He's out in the middle of the night. He's a man whose torn apart, don't know where to go or what to do. And then we incarcerate him, and we lock him  in the Clark County jail, on other charges. And he has time to think. And he thinks. And Bobby is a guy who wants to talk. And he doesn't get that opportunity.

And then he contacts officials in the Clark County Sheriff's office and says I want to speak with Sheriff Lizenby and Wayne Williams. And they contacted us and it goes from there. So I think this was in him and had to come out. And it did.

Bobby was always cooperative. He always was cooperative. But it's easy to be cooperative if you're giving out information that doesn't help you. And he was sending us in a lot of areas that we knew there was a possibility we weren't going to find anything. But you go with what you got. And we were searching all areas of this thing. We were searching all the way to Indianapolis. But we always knew the focus was going to be on Bobby Petty. All the information came back pointing to him. But we also knew information wasn't there to do anything really with to make an arrest or anything of that nature.

So we keep in searching other areas too. But we search we search we search, and finally he wanted to talk to us, and this is the result. Where we are today.

Sheriff on Petty's Past with Keown
He's got charges pending on him in Scott County right now of domestic battery against her. He's had other instances where the police were called out where there have been battery charges issued against him. We know he has a past record of armed robberies. He's had a lot of issues. He's got a violent temper. And the two of them had a pretty difficult relationship. And this isn't the first time that they have fought and argued. But they were working on getting back together. There was a protective order issued in the past, and she just missed that in July. It just doesn't seem like she could really get away from him. And this is what happens in domestic violence cases: sometimes people just can't get away and these things happen.

Sheriff on Keown's death
Then again we have a lot of people who are experts on these things who are going to be able to give us answers but the probability was she probably died before she was put out there.

Sheriff on Building Case
We had all kinds of information - we were developing a case around him. We were finding out an awful lot of - everything about what he did, who he run, his past record - we were compiling all the information we could get about him so when we did talk to him we knew everything he knew. And down deep we knew he was lying. You get a gut sometimes, and you go with that. But we did not have that solid piece of evidence to lock him.

Now assuming all the evidence comes together, I assume we have a good case here. But all that information has to be still dealt with. It's not all answered yet.

Prosecutor Guy in Brown Suit:
The morning after this was reported to the Sheriff's Department, the Chief Deputy Wayne Williams, who has done a lot of work on this case as the lead investigator, came to my office and we spoke about it, and I have spoken to Wayne and the Sheriff at least twice daily, and many Saturdays in the meantime, consulting with them and giving them the support they need as far as obtaining financial records, phone records, those types of things. Both on Nina and anybody else, any other path we were investigating. So we were giving them support there, giving them some advice as far as which direction the investigation should go and where it should focus. So that's been our role here and we've been involved in it on a daily basis.

As far as where we go from here, the forensic analysts are still on the scene right now. They're still there. I don't know right now when they'll be done with the scene and it's very difficult for us to talk about ifs and busts until we have answers to some of those questions.

So we'll take the time to get the answers to those questions.


In cases like this, I think this is a good example of time and pressure and patience by law enforcement, and time and pressure resulting in giving us an avenue where we think we can find some results here. And it's going to take just a little more time, but we're all focused on that goal.