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Teen explains about joking he was the shooter in Rineyville double murder

Brent Burke Brent Burke
Tracy Burke Tracy Burke
Karen Comer Karen Comer
Elizabethtown, KY -

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Testimony continued August 30 on day 10 of the double murder trial of a former Fort Campbell soldier. Brent Burke is accused of shooting and killing his estranged wife, Tracy Burke, and her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer. Jurors head from a teenage boy who told a friend just after the shootings that was the one who pulled the trigger for the first time.

When court resumed after the weekend break, 20-year-old Ashley Dye continued her testimony. On August 27, Dye said she didn't remember everything that had happened and there had been "media influence." So the prosecution played her original interview with Kentucky State Police from Sept. 13, 2007. At that time, the then 14-year-old DeShawn White had a bloody T-shirt and towel.

"He was like, 'I need you to get rid of this for me,'" said Dye. "I was like 'no. What are you talking about?' He was like, "I'm going to need you to get rid of this for me.' I was like, 'Mmmm no.' I was like, 'What's in there?' And he wouldn't tell me what was in the bag."

Dye said she saw White throw the bloody items in the lake.

"He was, like, 'Uh just initiation into my gang,'" describing what "DW" said when she asked about them. "I was like, 'Are you being serious with me right now?' And he was like 'Yeah.' And I was like, 'What did you do?' And he was like, 'Uh they dared me to break into that house. He was like, and 'Then I shot those people.'"

The defense is working to give the jury reasonable doubt that their client, Brent Burke, was involved and it could have been this teenage boy. The defense questioned Dye saying she thought it was legitimate enough to go to police.

White's brother, Terrell White, took the stand on August 27 saying White was not in a gang and the items were only bloody because he cut his head playing basketball. Prosecutors asked White why he lied about being involved in a double murder.

"At the time I didn't think of it as a serious matter really," said White, now 17. "It was just, I didn't really believe, I don't know, it was just stupid. I know it was dumb of me to do.  I wasn't thinking at the time I guess."

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