Mayor speaks out about JCPS assignment plan

By Sam Schreiber - e-mail

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson is speaking out about widespread public displeasure over the JCPS student assignment plan.

Many parents are unhappy with their children being placed in schools far from home and having to ride a school bus clear across town. Local attorney Teddy Gordon has filed a motion to reopen a case in which 13 families were suing JCPS over the assignment plan.

Mayor Abramson however, says that parents would be better served making their voices heard in the voting booth, rather than the courtroom saying, "if you don't like the decisions...then every two years you have an opportunity to change them."

Mayor Abramson also says that he believes that most Louisville families like being able to choose a school, and that most do not want to attend their neighborhood school.

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