Woman accused of several sex acts with minors

Louisville, KY - By Matt McCutcheon - e-mail | bio

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - She was supposed to be keeping kids out of harm's way, but it appears a Louisville woman was the one actually doing harm to several kids over several years.

Nearly a dozen children have come forward, saying that Tiffany Taylor, 27, sexually abused them while she was babysitting them.

Taylor is facing 20 charges, including sexual abuse with a victim under 12-years-old, rape with a victim under 12-years-old, and sodomy with a victim under 12 years old.

Some of the kids involved in this case were as young as 5.

Page after page, the charges are detailed in black and white. In detail, it profiles the torment, ridicule, and abuse several children claim they suffered all at the hands of Taylor.  The abuse charges stem from as far back as 2004.

Court documents say one victim claims "Tiffany came in and put in a nasty movie [and said] you got to do the nasty stuff on TV with me."  Others say they were forced to perform sex acts on one another.

A young teenage girl says Taylor forced her to smoke pot with her, while Taylor began to molest her.

When one of the victims asked Taylor why she was doing those things, Taylor allegedly said: "I'm not getting it, I got to get it somehow".

Taylor was arrested in May of 2009, but has been on house arrest since early 2010. In court Tuesday, she requested more time to decide if she'll have enough money to hire her own attorney or continue with a court-appointed lawyer.

That decision is expected in mid-September, paving the way for a plea deal or a trial.

Taylor had no comment when we caught up with her outside of court.

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