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As investigation continues, community holds benefit concert for missing woman's family

Nina Keown Nina Keown
Sheriff John Lizenby Sheriff John Lizenby
Mitchell Keown Mitchell Keown
Jim Myrick Jim Myrick
Sellersburg, IN -

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

SCOTTSBURG, IN (WAVE) - Investigators have once again questioned the lead suspect in the disappearance of a Southern Indiana mother. Scott County Sheriff John Lizenby said they interviewed Robert Petty on September 3 to tie up loose ends.

Lizenby said that on August 27, Petty led investigators to a body in eastern Clark County, a body that Lizenby believes is 26-year-old Nina Keown. Keown disappeared August 7 after a music festival in Scottsburg. Lizenby said Petty was the last known person to see Keown that night and that the pair fought.

According to Lizenby, Keown is still listed as a missing person. He said he is still waiting for a positive identification and cause of death on the body. The sheriff said when Nina's mom reported her daughters' disappearance, he said, he knew something was wrong.

"When you are a policeman you get these {a} gut feeling that something is wrong and I've always had a gut feeling. I knew something wasn't right about this," Sheriff Lizenby said.

While a week has passed, since detectives discovered a body near New Washington-Bethlehem Road in Clark County, Keown's brother, Mitchell, has no doubts detectives found his sister.

"It's frustrating not getting answers right away, but they are doing what they can. But, they have to go through the steps to make sure its her," Mitchell Keown said.

Until Nina's family gets final answers, members of the community are helping the family raise money for funeral and legal expenses by having a benefit concert.

The benefit concert is located at 2128 Leslie Lane in Scottsburg, Indiana. Gates opened noon on Friday and close on Sunday at 2 p.m. Various bands will play Friday and Saturday evening around 6 p.m. to 1 in the morning. It's $10 per person to attend the event. Mitchell Keown said it's optional.

"I'm just here to help," Jim Myrick said. Myrick and his friends were the first three people to show up to the event on Friday. Myrick said he also attended the August 7 music festival.

"My children went to school with her. My mother went to school with her mother. I'm pretty sure that's why a lot of people are going to be here," Myrick said. "If they don't make it today they'll be here tomorrow."

Petty remains at the Clark County Jail on other charges. Petty has not been charged in Keown's disappearance.

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