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Witness recalls seeing truck wanted in Dickerson case on I-65 shoulder

Christy Dickerson (Source: Family photo) Christy Dickerson (Source: Family photo)
Lt. Scotty McGaha Lt. Scotty McGaha
Russell Hornback Russell Hornback
Source: Bullitt County Sheriff's Office Source: Bullitt County Sheriff's Office
Source: Bullitt County Sheriff's Office Source: Bullitt County Sheriff's Office
Shepherdsville, KY -

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SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Bullitt County detectives say they have some strong new leads regarding the death investigation involving 37-year-old Christy Dickerson of Shepherdsville. On August 26, a semi ran over Dickerson after someone left her on Interstate 65. Now police may be getting close to finding the two men who were seen with her earlier that day. One witness is speaking only to WAVE 3.

Detectives believe Dickerson may have bought a morphine pill from the men seen on surveillance video in a two-tone truck at the Pilot station at the Brooks exit. No one saw Dickerson alive after this surveillance video was captured, but police believe she spent time with the same men later at her apartment. Investigators think those men later left Dickerson by the Lebanon Junction exit on I-65. Before that, Dickerson managed to leave voice mails saying she feared for her life.

"In those voice messages, you can hear one of them - she's screaming," said Lt. Scotty McGaha with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office. "You hear another one prior to that where she is talking to a friend and she says: 'I don't think I'm gonna survive this ordeal and if you would, get ahold of my parents if I don't make it and tell them I am biting my fingernails and I will leave my DNA in the floorboard of the truck."

Now one person has come forward with a strong message about one of the men in that truck.

"This one individual that was in the truck is extremely dangerous," McGaha said. "We have since got a photograph of that person. We're trying to compare that to the video and we're trying to get some other video surveillance from one of the truckstops."

We talked to another person, a Bullitt County contractor, who saw the truck on the shoulder of I-65.

"I noticed the truck on the right-hand side and the drivers' door was about half open and the window was down and the hood was up," said Russell Hornback. "So I slowed down a little bit because I stop and help people sometimes, but I didn't see anybody, so I just kind of kept on going."

"They threw my sister out like a piece of trash," said Dickerson's sister, whose name we are not releasing for her own safety.

While Dickerson's sister can't be sure what happened to her sister during those hours on August 26, she is sure of one thing.

"I want these guys to have some type of responsibility for what they done to my sister," she said.

Hornback says he would've stopped that night if he only knew someone nearby was in danger.

"I would of stopped and helped regardless," Hornback said. "It bothers me."

Bullitt County Police are asking for anyone with information in this case to come forward as they try to identify the men caught on that surveillance camera. The tip line number is 502-543-1262.

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