Investigators piece together Ky. rampage

JACKSON, KY. (AP/WLEX) - A sheriff says investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened before a man killed his wife and four other people before committing suicide in an eastern Kentucky trailer park.

Breathitt County Sheriff Ray Clemons said Sunday morning that investigators were still trying to figure out what led 47-year-old Stanley Neace to go on the shooting rampage Saturday.

A relative and Neace's landlord said the man had been facing eviction and was enraged when his wife served him a cold breakfast.

A neighbor says he has heard Neace firing a gun in the past. 50-year-old Robert Collins says Neace often walked down to a nearby river to take practice shots.

Survivors are still reeling. With tears in her eyes, Rachel Whitehead is asking, why she survived and so many others didn't. Whitehead says Neace was her neighbor.

Moments after the shots and screams, her neighbor, Tammy Kilborn, came and got her. Whitehead, tightly clutching her baby and daughter, went hiding in her neighbor's trailer. Whitehead said Neace was filled with rage and running, when he found them, and pointed a shotgun in their faces.

"I told Stanley please don't shoot me and my girls, I want to live to see them grow up. So he pointed the gun at me and said get out of here," she said.

Whitehead took her children and ran. She says next came the sound of two gunshots. Tammy Kilborn's parents later found her lying dead in the hallway. Witnesses say Neace also gunned down neighbor Teresa Fugate.

The memories are so terrifying, they seem surreal. For whitehead, Saturday morning will always be with her.

The bodies of Neace and the five victims have been taken to the state medical examiner's office in Frankfort for autopsies.

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