Jack Conway - Democrat

AGE: 41

OCCUPATION: Attorney   Now serving as Kentucky Attorney General

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Elected Attorney General in 2007.  Conway previously worked in Governor Paul Patton's administration from 1996-2001.  Conway was the Democratic nominee for Congress in Kentucky's 3rd Congressional district in 2002.  He lost to incumbent Anne Northup in the general election.

EDUCATION: Undergraduate degree from Duke University.  Law degree from The George Washington University.

Personal:  Conway and his wife, Elizabeth, have one daughter, born in July 2009. Conway's father, Tom, ran a horse in this year's Kentucky Derby.  Stately Victor, named for a childhood friend of Jack Conway, finished 8th.

2010 Campaign: Conway won the Democratic nomination over Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo by 4,173 votes out of more than 520,000 votes cast; 44% to 43%. There were three other candidates in the race.

ON THE ISSUES:  Conway supported the Obama administration's stimulus bill, saying it created 17,000 jobs in Kentucky.

Conway supports the national Healthcare plan but says it needs work to reduce costs. "We've got 654,000 Kentuckians getting health care for the first time because of this bill."

Conway opposed the federal bailout of the banking industry.

Conway opposes the clean air bill known as Cap and Trade.

Proposes a hometown tax credit for businesses: " a 20% tax credit for the cost of creating a new job."

Conway says he supports extending the Bush tax cuts.  "Raising taxes:  we should not do it in a time of recession."

Supports allowing Medicare bulk purchasing of prescription medicines which he says will save $200-Billion.  "That will be the first bill I will introduce when I get to the U.S. Senate."

Conway supports repeal of "Don't ask/ Don't tell" policy in the military