Todd Lally - Republican

AGE:  39

OCCUPATION:  UPS First Officer on international flights in the Boeing 757/767.  Lally is also a Lt. Col. in the Kentucky Air National Guard where he is the pilot of the C-130 Hercules.  Lally has served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Kentucky Air National Guard.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Lally has never held public office.  He was the Republican Party nominee for the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1998, losing to Democrat Mary Lou Marzian.

EDUCATION:  Lally is a Louisville native and, like his Democratic opponent John Yarmuth, was graduated from Atherton High School.  According to his web site, Lally also graduated from the Academy of Military Science and the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training School.

PERSONAL:  Lally is married to wife, Heather and they have two daughters.

2010 CAMPAIGN:  Lally won the Republican primary in May with 52% of the vote, defeating three others, including Jeff Reetz (17%) who had the backing of the National Republican Congressional Committee and Larry Hausman (25%).

Pro-Life:  Endorsed by Kentucky Right To Life
Opposed the national health care bill (Affordable Health Care for America act)
Opposes "card check" bill: "A transparent attempt by labor unions to strong arm employees into supporting them."
Tax reform:  says current tax policy hurts wealthy Americans and business owners: "Those 'wealthy' constituents are often professionals and small business owners who employ our neighbors.  Attacking them into submission...doesn't just hurt them, but the 5,10,100 or 1,000 people they employ."
Ohio River Bridges:  Supports building only the east end bridge

CONTACT: 2017 Blvd. Napoleon  Louisville 40205
Phone:  502- 459-9002