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Pool company in deep water after customer complaints

B.D. Brasel B.D. Brasel
Judy Brasel Judy Brasel
Jerry Tucker Jerry Tucker
Troy Gavin Troy Gavin
The Brasel's unfinished pool The Brasel's unfinished pool

By Eric Flack - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The owner of a Kentuckiana pool company is facing a flood of complaints from his customers. One family said "it looked like a bomb went off" after the work went bad. But the owner of the pool company said the problems weren't his fault. Now, everyone is trying to dig out of the mess.

B.D. and Judy Brasel, both age 74, paid Troy Gavin $12,000 for a total makeover of their existing pool.

"It was supposed to have pavers, it was supposed to have tile on the top," Judy said. "It was supposed to be beautiful."

Now, their pool looks more like a landfill, with a puddle of murky water on one end and a pile of broken concrete on the other.

"He has 110% screwed it up," said B.D. Brasel.

There are cracks in the concrete pool floor, an incomplete paint job and torn up edging all around the pool. Brasel said Gavin's employees also put patching material over removable jets in the side of the pool, locking them in place when they should be able to be taken out.

When we tracked Gavin down outside his home, he told us CMA Supply Company of Louisville sold him the wrong patching material and that's why everything looks so bad. But the vice president of SMA Supply told us they sold Gavin the right stuff and he just didn't know how to put it on correctly.

Jerry Tucker says he paid Gavin $4,800 to reinforce the walls of his above ground pool and put in a new light and liner. But Tucker said Gavin's work had problems from the beginning.

Tucker said Gavin used the wrong wood on the pool walls, the new liner leaks and the light did to until Gavin came back to repair it. The repair included a sloppy caulking job that sealed the leak, but also kept the light case from opening.

"When they was putting all that stuff in there I said well how am I supposed to change the light bulb?" Tucker said. "They just started laughing," Tucker said, and told him he wouldn't be able to.

Tucker filed a lawsuit against Gavin to try and get his money back, but he'll have to get in line. Gavin is already facing at least four other lawsuits, mostly for defective work. And a U.S. District Court judge also ordered Gavin to pay more than $30,000 for money owed to Guardian Fence Systems, a pool fence company in Florida where Gavin also does business. Gavin blamed his legal problems on bad luck and said he doesn't know why he keeps having problems.

"I don't know," Gavin said. "I really don't know."

Gavin said he filed an insurance claim to pay for damage to Tucker's pool and the Brasel's pool.

"I met with the insurance company yesterday," Gavin said when we spoke to him in early September.

But we contacted Gavin's insurance carrier, and they told us the only claim he ever filed with them was denied for "faulty workmanship issues." The insurance carrier also told us Gavin canceled his policy more than a month before he talked to us.

Gavin sued the supply company that he said sold him the wrong re surfacing product. But the supply company told us Gavin hasn't given been able to give any proof of that allegation.

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