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Rineyville neighborhood reacts to latest Brent Burke mistrial

Brent Burke Brent Burke
Tracy Burke and Karen Comer (Source: WAVE 3 archives) Tracy Burke and Karen Comer (Source: WAVE 3 archives)
Stefanie Cain Stefanie Cain
Patricia Wilburn Patricia Wilburn
David Broderick David Broderick
Rineyville, KY -

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

RINEYVILLE, KY (WAVE) – After a third mistrial was declared for a double murder suspect Brent Burke, many in the community of Rineyville are wondering if the case will ever end. After hearing from the Hardin County prosecutor, it sounds like it go at least one more round.

Wednesday night, Hardin Commonwealth Attorney Chris Shaw told us he will push for a fourth trial against Burke. The former Army sergeant is charged with murdering his ex-wife, Tracy Burke, and her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer, on September 11, 2007. The women were found inside Comer's Rineyville home in the 300 block of Waterfowl Loop.

Late on September 14, Hardin County Special Judge Janet Coleman declared a mistrial, citing the jury was deadlocked. After hearing six weeks of testimony, the jury deliberated for ten hours, but could not agree on a verdict.

"Nobody can figure out why we're still going through it or why the family is going through it," said Stefanie Cain.

Cain, who lives in the neighborhood where the murders happened, said she was surprised by the outcome of the trial. Cain said her son was with Deshawn White the day Burke and Comer were killed and testified during the trial. White is the teenage boy who originally said he was involved, then said he was joking.

"I just don't understand how they couldn't come to a conclusion," Cain said, who also remembered the day law enforcement swarmed her neighborhood.

"The whole street {was} blocked off with cops and detectives. Kids {were} not even able to come home from school because their buses couldn't get through to bring them home. {I remember} being afraid because you just didn't know who did it," she recollected.

Brent Burke has been sitting behind bars for more than two years charged with the double murder. After the mistrial was declared, Patricia Wilburn, Tracy mother, shared her thoughts about the trial.

"They did their best," Wilborn said. "There was a lot involved when you got three little children. They're really scarred. They said who it was, so I don't know what the problem was."

"This is a disappointing situation," said David Broderick, Burke's attorney, as he expressed his disappointment with the outcome of the third trial. "You certainly want a decision in the case and we thought we'd put on a very good case."

Off camera, another neighbor told us he is still hopeful justice will prevail and that the justice system works.

Both parties are heading back to court October 19 for a number of motions. Burke is still being held in the Hardin County Detention Center on a $2 million cash bond. Broderick plans to file a motion as soon as they can to reduce that bond.

"Now that family has to go through all this all over again, there's no closure for them. That's just sad," Cain said.

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