Investigation continues as family and friends remember former UofL player

Daniel Covington
Daniel Covington
Isaiah Howes
Isaiah Howes
Jay White
Jay White
Virgil Covington
Virgil Covington

Louisville, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – As Louisville Metro Police continue investigating an early morning shooting that left former UofL football player Daniel Covington dead at the hands of a former UofL athlete, friends of Covington gathered to remember the man they knew.

According to LMPD investigators, the shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. Sept. 16 at 2nd and Liberty Streets. Covington was shot and killed and sources tell us former UofL baseball player Isaiah Howes pulled the trigger. At this time, investigators believe the shooting may be a case of self-defense.

Lt. Barry Wilkerson, commander of the LMPD homicide unit, said something may have been said to Covington which prompted him to approach the car that sources said Howes and his brother were in. We're told a little while before the shooting, both groups left two separate night clubs.

Wilkerson said Covington and a friend were in their car and tracked down the car Covington believed was involved. According to Wilkerson, Covington got out of his car and approached the other car.

"They say he was pretty far inside the vehicle {according to witness accounts}," Wilkerson said. "{He} entered the vehicle through the window, assaulting both the passenger and driver of that vehicle."

Wilkerson said the driver of the second car, which sources have confirmed to us was Howes, fired a gun. We're told the bullet went through the hand of his brother before striking Covington's arm and upper body. Covington ran behind the cars to escape any other shots.

Investigators said the people in the other car left and headed to the hospital. According to Wilkerson, Covington's passenger was not involved in the assault and gave police information that led to the second car, which was stopped on the 600 block of Floyd Street

People in the community are responding to Thursday morning's shooting.

"It's one of ours that's been taken away," Pastor William Blackford said to Covington's friends as they stood united at Jay's Campus Cuts at Fourth Street and Cardinal Blvd. "Every time something like this happens there's a pain in my heart and an empty blow to my gut."

Owner Jay White wanted people within the community to come inside to talk about the shooting. He said Covington has been his customer for the past five years.

"We can't help what people say. We can't help what people do, but we can control our own action," Blackford said.

There are still many unanswered questions about what happened, leading up to Covington's death.

"It's a tragedy in this community and it's definitely a tragedy for this university to be misrepresented in this way because we have a lot of great student athletes," White said.

"I really want us to learn how to care for one another," Blackford said.

As friends prayed in Louisville, Covington's family stood united in prayer near Lexington. Virgil Covington III learned about his the death of his younger brother as he welcomed his newborn daughter to the world. Her middle name will be Danielle, after her uncle.

"One life leaves and one life comes in," said Virgil.

According to Virgil, his little brother had dreams to play in the NFL and was about to start training.

"It's always hard when a promising career life gets cut short," Virgil said. "It's hard to bury your little brother."

"He was an amazing human being and man and excellent brother," said Rebecca Covington, Daniel's sister.

Rebecca said she is not angry.

"I have to continue to believe the Lord is in control and that he has a plan."

She said her favorite memory, right now, was talking to her brother, for the last time on Wednesday.

"We did everything together," said Rebecca. "He was so funny."

"I think it's going to take a little bit of time before we figure out what all happened," White said. "Until we find out, it ain't going to bring anybody back or change what happened."

We tried to get in contact with Isaiah Howes' family for a comment and are waiting for a call back.

At this time, police indicate it may be a case of self-defense. No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

Metro Police will turn their completed case over to the Commonwealth's Attorney for a final decision on any possible charges.

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