Those who know Covington and Howes are shocked at events

Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan
Daniel Covignton
Daniel Covignton
Isaiah Howes
Isaiah Howes

Louisville, KY - By Scott Reynolds - bio | email
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - About 125 athletes, almost one in four on the University of Louisville campus, are very involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Daniel Covington and Isaiah Howes were two of those athletes. Now the UofL chaplain finds himself trying to figure out why and trying to give an answer to so many Cardinals athletes who know both men.

What makes the news of the September 16 shooting even more difficult to understand for the Cardinal family of athletes is they would have never expected Covington or Howes to be the ones involved.

"That's why it make this situation even harder because both of these guys are class act people," said Chris Morgan. "You want Isaiah on your team. You want Daniel Covington on your team. You want them in your home. That's why all this is out of character."

Even former Cards athletes are calling Morgan in disbelief.

"No one would think they would be thinking about funeral arrangements now. From Isaiah's standpoint, there's no one. I've had former players at call me and say, 'this is not true. This can't be him. This can't happen.'"

Morgan spoke with about two dozen Cardinal football players before they left for this weekend's game at Oregon State.

"A lot of guys are still around that played with Cov and they're just … they're shocked. They don't know what to say. I've had a couple of people say they were going to practice today like number 30, or they're going to play this weekend for number 30."

Morgan said he doesn't have any answers. He's turning players to scripture for that.

"But as Daniel's sister said the other day, we have to trust God and not let this tear this family apart because this UofL family is a close knit group," said Morgan.

While Morgan gives Cards players spiritual guidance, he knows the football coach has a message for his players as well.

"Coach Strong does a great job of making the guys come in and try to pull the good out of it and also yet still teach a lesson that there's nothing good going on at 2:30 in the morning. That you watch what you do and watch where you're at."

Morgan said Howes and Covington had the same circle of friends. So when they heard that an altercation led to one of their buddies dying and the other pulling the trigger, it feels almost like a second funeral to them.

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