Isaiah Howes' parents talk about their son and the tragic confrontation

Jamie Howes
Jamie Howes
Jim Howes
Jim Howes
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Isaiah Howes

Louisville, KY - By Scott Reynolds - bio | email
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In a matter of seconds, the lives of two families were changed forever. It happened at 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 16 when police say former University of Louisville football player Daniel Covington started assaulting two brothers through the window of their car. The driver of that car was former UofL baseball player Isaiah Howes. In an exclusive interview, Howes parents told me Isaiah feared for his brother's life.

Howes' parents told me that their son, Joseph Andrew Vessels, exchanged some words with Covington across the street as they got in their car and they thought that was the end of it.

"They said they were at the stoplight and they said they heard a car pull up beside them at the stoplight and they just thought it was a car," said Jamie Howes, Isaiah's mother. "They didn't have any idea that it was somebody that was going to attack them. The guy jumped out of the car and jumped through the window and just started pounding… That's how quickly it happened."

Louisville Metro Police say that attack quickly turned into a shooting.

"Once Isaiah shot the shot, there was so much blood he didn't know where it was coming from," Jamie Howes said.

Once Covington backed out of the car, Howes attention turned to his brother who had been hit in the hand by that single gunshot.

"He thought Andrew was going to bleed to death, so the first thing he thought was, 'I gotta get Andrew to the hospital,'" said Jamie Howes.

The Howes told me that contrary to a lot of information posted on various social networking sites, Isaiah and Andrew didn't see Covington earlier that night and, in fact, Isaiah didn't even know him.

"He had no idea he was a former football player," said Jamie Howes. "He had no idea who he was. He did not know him."

The Howes say they can't even comprehend the Covington family's loss, but they hope to someday meet them.

"We know they're struggling. Daniel was obviously a good kid," said Jim Howes, Isaiah's father. "Their loss was tremendous and we know that. And someday we'll get an opportunity to pull together. We're of the same family, the family of Christ, the body of Christ, and it really hurts. It hurts all of us, but we can't take it back. We can't turn back the clock."

"I do fear for my boys safety," Jamie Howes said, "but I tell you what - that family has done everything they can to protect them. They really have. I couldn't ask for anything more from a family who's lost a child than what they've given us."

Jamie Howes said she has had trouble dealing with it all, breaking down at time, and Isaiah has been uplifting her by telling her to turn to scripture to look for strength during this difficult time for both families.

Someday down the road, the Howes hope to meet the Covington family to talk about what happened.

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