Covington to be tested for steroids

Louisville, KY - By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There are new developments in the death of former University of Louisville football player Daniel Covington, who was shot after police say he assaulted another former Cardinal athlete in a car. WAVE 3 has learned the passenger in Covington's car has an attorney who is answering some questions. WAVE 3 has also learned of plans for a special toxicology test.

Jefferson County Coroner Barbara Weakley-Jones confirmed with the Medical Examiner that they will be testing Covington's body for steroids. Friends have told WAVE 3 and pictures show that he has bulked up considerably.

Those tests are expensive and not standard. They need to be specially ordered. It usually takes a couple of weeks for results to come back.

WAVE 3 is also learning more about what a witness who was in Covington's car says happened that night. The 23-year-old was shot and killed September 16th by former baseball player Isaiah Howes while Covington's 20-year-old co-worker Frederick Howard was in Covington's car.

"My client's very young and it's been a horrible, traumatic experience for him," said Howard's attorney Casey McCall.

Speaking through his attorney, McCall said Howard and Covington weren't close, but had been at a work function that night. He wouldn't elaborate on what lead up to the shooting.

"Everybody's heard reports in this case that there were some words exchanged and there's no issue about that," said McCall. "I think the two people in the other car have said that and I'm pretty sure my client has said that his prior statements as well."

He said his client cooperated with police and gave them a two hour taped interview. Howard isn't facing charges, but has an attorney for guidance and protection.

"The family's very worried," said McCall. "He's starting to get requests from both sides now, both families, which is troubling because everybody has their agendas now and he's in the middle."

McCall says he's being fairly tight lipped about the events because he hasn't seen the interview his client gave to police yet.

Meanwhile investigators say they could turn the case over to the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office sometime in early October. Police said initially that it appeared Howes fired his gun in self defense.

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