Fischer pushes for open and honest government

Posted by Amy Kelch- email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- Louisville's democratic candidate for mayor is making his push to be seen as a the "neighborhood's mayor". Greg Fischer said he wants the most honest and transparent government in the nation.

On September 28, Fischer set up a desk in a south end neighborhood to make his point. He talked about a plan to improve government transparency by putting more city services and statistics online.

Fischer also talked about having neighborhood hearings before creating a budget.

"This is your government," said Fischer. "It's your tax dollars. It's time we invest in our neighborhoods and make our city the most convenient in the nation."

A spokesperson for Fischer's Republican opponent, Hal Heiner, responded to Fischer's latest statement.

"In a familiar trend," said Heiner, "Greg Fischer has once again co-opted Hal's policy as his own and expanded government services without any explanation of how he'll pay for them. For someone who claims to be an inventor Greg has had tremendous difficulty inventing his own policy."

A debate between Heiner, Fischer, and independent candidate Jackie Green just got underway at locust grove.

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