Community turns out to support couple involved in custody battle

Community turns out to support couple involved in custody battle

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Thursday night people from across Southern Indiana met to support a Sellersburg couple in the fight of their life to keep the little boy they call their son. Jason and Christy Vaughn have raised Grayson since birth and after nearly three years as his parents, an Ohio court has demanded that boy be turned over to his biological father.

The Vaughns' attorney had previously said the Ohio Supreme court issued a stay - until there is a decision - regarding the family's motion to reconsider the ruling which gave the biological father custody. According to attorneys, on Tuesday a judge ordered the families into mediation.

But Thursday night was about supporting Jason and Christy Vaughn who are trying to keep custody of Grayson at their home in Indiana.

"There's a lot of people hopeful, praying to God for his intervention," said Jason's father, Ed Vaughn. "He's intervened three times already. They've been ready to take Grayson three different times and God has intervened."

Inside Northside Christian Church in New Albany, hundreds of people who live in the area - friends as well as strangers - were with the Vaughn's, singing, praying, and listening to words of encouragement.

Jennifer Yennes-Vichnay says she doesn't know the Vaughns, but lives in Sellersburg and wanted to show her support.

"My daughter is about 14 months and I know that connection and I want to support them in any way I can," she said.

The media was asked to stay outside the vigil to protect the family because of a gag order issued by the judge at a Sept. 28 court hearing in Floyd County.

Ed Vaughn is still upset about the uncertain future of the child he considers his grandson.

"It looks to me that Judge Cody is representing the biological father in Ohio and throwing a 3-year-old under the bus and a family that lives in his county, Floyd county," Vaughn said.

As the case continues to play out in the court system, Ed Vaughn is thankful there are so many people standing behind his family.

"It's unbelievable how at 3-years-old they want to take his son away," said Jason's friend, Todd Winchester.

"They're just trying to do the best for their son and their family to keep 'em together like they should be," said Nick Cavanaugh, another family friend.

Cavanaugh says he can't imagine little Grayson being taken away from the Vaughn's. "I have three kids and it breaks my heart every time I think about it [and] what they're going through. Everyday they have that fear, but I know they'll make it through," Cavanaugh said.

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