Jeffersonville family of 5 welcomes quintuplets

Jeffersonville, IN - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A Jeffersonville couple has their hands full after mom, Christy Kessinger, gave birth to quintuplets. The couple already had three kids: 9-year-old Ty, 5-year-old Tayleigh, and 3-year-old Tanner, when Maggie, Easton, Hartley, Allie, and Ella where born on Aug. 8.

"We were very shocked and until they were born it still did not seem real," Christy Kessinger said.

At four weeks pregnant, doctors told her she was having twins. Then at six weeks, she was told she was having triplets. At eight weeks doctors increased the number to four. Finally, at 10 weeks Christy was told she would be giving birth to quintuplets.

Starting around 8:53 a.m. on Aug. 8, Christy Kessinger gave birth to four girls and one baby boy. The babies had to remain under hospital care for nearly two months, but finally got to come home - the first quintuplet arrived on Sunday, Sept. 26 and the last baby came arrived this past weekend on Oct. 2.

Christy and Bill say they have their hands full, but they love it.

"It's so amazing. I cannot believe all this was inside me!" Christy said.

The parents said they are learning to perfect a system for the quintuplets.

"Whoever is crying [or] hungry at the moment, we do it in twos," Christy said. "We pick two [and] feed them, then move to the [next two] and then [to] the last one."

The couple say they have had little sleep.

"We switch feedings at night so then we can get a couple of hours of sleep 'cause you have to be refreshed for the next day for the other three kids," Christy said.

In order to make sure the family does not get the newborns mixed up, Christy and Bill color coordinate them. But dad says he is starting to recognize each one.

"I can tell them all apart," Bill said. "If you look directly at 'em, you can tell 'em apart."

Older siblings Ty, Tayleigh, and Tanner are getting used to having Maggie, Easton, Hartley, Allie, and Ella around the house, and are just as crazy about the quintuplets as mom and dad are.

Christy and bill say they are proud parents and understand it will not be easy.

"We're just going to juggle it and do the best we can that's all we can do," Christy said.

"Hopefully we'll have somebody take care of us when we get old. Out of 8, somebody has to do it," Bill said.

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