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Man has warning after his Harley is stolen in broad daylight

Gordon Burkett Gordon Burkett
Picture of Gordon Burkett's motorcycle (Source; Gordon Burkett) Picture of Gordon Burkett's motorcycle (Source; Gordon Burkett)
Louisville, KY -

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A motorcycle enthusiast has a warning to other owners after his bike is stolen in broad daylight.

Gordon Burkett says in his 40 years of riding, he's never had this happen to him. His Harley Davidson motorcycle was like his baby.

"It's got just enough chrome to set it off, but the biggest part of the bike is black," said Burkett. "They tell me it matches my personality."

So when Burkett's bike vanished last week from a parking lot at Hoops Restaurant off of Strawberry Lane in Louisville, he thought his co-workers over at the Harley Davidson Store were pulling a prank.

"I walked around the parking lot, couldn't find the bike," said Burkett. "I made a phone call, I said: 'It's a simple yes or no question. Has someone sneaked over here and got my bike without me knowing it?' My associate here says: 'Oh no, we are all here. I said: 'Wow, someone has taken my bike.'"

Burkett's brand new $35,000 bike was snatched right up in the middle of lunchtime.

Louisville Metro Police say they have recorded 50 motorcycle thefts this year. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a motorcycle is stolen every 9.4 minutes in the U.S.

Indiana is ranked sixth in the country for thefts, while Kentucky is ranked 22nd.

Thieves target motorcycles because they can steal them quickly, then sell them or strip them down for fast cash. The recovery rate is low.

"They will dismantle that bike, a lot of bikes go to South America," said Burkett. "You don't have to have a lot of credentials down there with a bike."

Burkett has a warning for others who share his passion.

"I have a lot of biker friends that I could say to everybody if you own a motorcycle, hey if someone is rolling up in a paddle van and they have a ramp down and they are getting that bike - just say, 'Is that your bike? Do you know whose bike that is?'" said Burkett.

Luckily, Burkett had insurance and he does plan on getting a new bike sometime soon.

You can make your bike less appealing to thieves by adding security devices, like certain types of locks or an alarm.

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