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Bill Clinton campaigns for Conway

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email

LEXINGTON, KY (WAVE) - With just three weeks to go before the November elections the battle for Kentucky's open US Senate is heating up. Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul are fighting for the seat of retiring Sen. Jim Bunning. The latest Rasmussen Poll shows Paul leading the race 49 percent to Conway's 38 percent. Conway brought the big political guns to Lexington in hopes of closing the gap as President Bill Clinton stumped for him.

Political heavyweights took the podium one-by-one and attacked Paul

"How silly can you get to have a candidate think that doesn't even know people in Kentucky?" asked Former Sen. Wendell Ford.

The candidates all speaking on behalf of Conway.

"You're looking at the only thing standing between Rand Paul and the U.S. Senate," said Conway to the crowd.

The student organization, CATS for Conway, invited one of the biggest names ever to speak at the University of Kentucky to come back.

"Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome our 42nd President, Bill Clinton," said the narrator to cheers.

UK estimated 5,000 people cheered on the former president, who spoke in the same place he did in 1996, he day before he won re-election. He is the last democratic presidential candidate to carry the state.

"We have a practical progressive common sense moderate who has actually done things and actually has a plan, running against a man with radical ideas and no record to back it up," said Clinton of Conway.

Clinton talked about cutting the debt, the surplus during his administration, and blamed republicans for the current financial mess.

"They left the incoming administration with a $1.2 trillion annual deficit and they're talking about balancing the budget?" said Clinton. "Give me a break here. There is only one person you can listen to on that and that based on the evidence is me."

He asked Kentuckians to show up to the polls and vote democratic.

"In Kentucky the right choice is Jack Conway," said Clinton to end his speech.

The message already hitting home with one young voter, who is no longer undecided.

"After hearing everyone speak today, I will definitely be voting for the democratic ticket on November 2nd," said UK senior Hera Qureshi.

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