Injured teen gets hospital visit from UofL football players

Trent Waggoner got a surprise visit from UofL football players
Trent Waggoner got a surprise visit from UofL football players

Louisville, KY - By Jon Chrisos - bio | email

LOUISVLLE, KY (WAVE) - A teen who lost part of his leg after being hit by a car last month got a special surprise today. While still in his hospital bed, Trent Waggoner, a loyal football fan, was greeted by two University of Louisville players.

Early last month, Waggoner was working for his dad's roadside assistance company and helping a woman change a tire. Another car ran into his truck. It pinned him between the 2 vehicles. "It severed the lower part of my left leg almost with the impact. They had to amputate the lower part of my left leg," Waggoner said.

He's been in the hospital since then. In his room full of balloons and get well wishes. It was this visit, that really made him smile. UofL football players Greg Scruggs and Adam Froman not only visited the 18-year-old freshman, they also brought him a signed picture by Coach Charlie Strong.

While they were there, Waggoner wasted no time asking for a favor. He told the guys his friend Benny, who also lost his leg, isn't in such good spirits and could really use a visit.

"You're going to come in contact with a lot of people, they see you smiling in the situation you're in, you'll make a big difference," Froman said.

Trent's mom Tasha told us she's not surprised her son thought about his friend, while dealing with his own trauma. "That's just Trent. He wants to help other people out. He thought that it would really, really bring his spirits up and make him happy," Tasha Waggoner said.

Waggoner is hoping to return to school at UofL as early as next semester.

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