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LMPD Officer fired for sending nude pictures

By Chris McGill - bio | email

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - LMPD Chief Robert White has fired an officer for allegedly using his work computer, which is usually in their cruisers, to look at pornographic pictures and send photos of himself with and without his uniform on. Ofc. Chris Dison of the second division was fired Sept. 29.

"I think one of the greatest skills officers have is common sense and this certainly would bring question to someone's judgement," said LMPD Chief Robert White. "To someone's common sense, I just think he made some terrible decisions."

According to a letter from White, a Professional Standards Unit investigation determined that Dison violated the company's usage restrictions on using the mobile data terminal in his cruiser by accessing pornographic images six times. Investigators also stated that Dison displayed conduct unbecoming of an officer on three occasions when he transmitted photos of himself nude or partially nude over the department's mail account.

"I believe it brought great discredit to our department and to our community," said White.

Dison had 10 days from his termination date of Sept. 29 to file a written response to the firing and/or request an appeal. He has put in that response and retained an attorney with the Fraternal Order of Police.  She has yet to return our call.  The president, however, did say they stand by the appeals process.

"We're firm believers in due process and we think that that should play out, but on the same token we don't condone or support any activity that would put our image as police officers in a bad light," said FOP president Dave Mutchler.

WAVE 3 found in his file that he's been in trouble before.  In 2007 a report shows he put inappropriate statements and pictures on a website while in a police car and uniform.

That and two other violations caused him to get suspended for 19 days and issued a warning that any more violations of this nature would warrant his termination.

White, however, said under the union contract he couldn't take it under consideration because it has been more than three years, but he would have made the same decision without that history.

"I thought that incident on its own merit certainly warranted his termination," said White.

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