Cano family reacts to Cecil New guilty plea

Rosalina Cano
Rosalina Cano

Louisville, KY - By Marisela Burgos - bio | email
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The mother of a 4-year-old boy killed in 2007 says she felt a since of calmness when she heard Cecil New entered an open plea of guilty on all counts in the death of Ivan Cano in July of 2007.

New has remained jailed since December of 2007 in connection with Ivan's murder, and his trial was set to begin on Oct. 15 when he entered the surprise plea of guilty - with no plea bargain - meaning the death penalty is still on the table.

Just before New entered his plea at the unscheduled hearing, his attorney requested a change of venue due to the media publicity surrounding the case. That request was denied, and New unexpectedly entered his guilty plea.

Cano's family said the plea was unexpected. We spoke to Ivan's mother, Rosalina Cano, by phone on Thursday, hours after New entered his guilty plea.

"My son died," she kept saying as she relived the death of her son. She says her family is suffering and that "it isn't easy."

Still sobbing, Rosalina said New hasn't spoken a word for three years and now he has finally admitted to killing her son, erasing any doubts Rosalina said she had about whether New actually killed her son or if someone else did.

Rosalina has been living in Mexico, but has been back and forth between there and the U.S. to follow the trial.

"Her number one goal for coming back to the United States was to seek justice for her child and today Mr. New admittedly gave her that justice she's been seeking," said community activist Christopher 2X, who has acted as the family spokesperson.

We also spoke to Ivan's brother, Francisco, who still lives near the site in the Churchill Downs neighborhood where Ivan first went missing in late June of 2007. Although Francisco says he's happy New pleaded guilty, that still doesn't bring back his brother.

"I think for the Canos, they're glad he has admitted for what they have believed for almost three years that he killed and tortured their loved one," 2X said.

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