JCPS students disciplined for harassing 5-year-old girl on bus

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A young girl was harassed and touched inappropriately on a school bus. That was the finding in a Jefferson County Public Schools investigation. The report includes 14 interviews with students on the bus, but none told the driver about it.

In early September a 5-year-old girl was riding home from Klondike Elementary, on a day she most likely will never forget. Another student on the bus - a 10-year-old girl students described as "mean" and "bad" - bullied her.

"She told me that the girl on the bus grabbed her genitals and was pulling very hard repeatedly to the point where she was sore when she was trying to go to the bathroom," said her mother who wanted to remain anonymous. "She sat on the toilet and she looked down and she said 'Mom, I hurt. It hurts to go pee,' and I said 'Why does it hurt?' She told me because of what the girl did on the bus."

JCPS spokeswoman Lauren Roberts says a third grade boy and girl forced the 5-year-old to kiss a boy.

The investigation shows they pushed them together saying: 'You're having sex.'"

Several students say the kids pulled her skirt and they could see her underwear. The victim said they were "pulling the nasty spot" and touching her "'pee-pee.'"

"This young lady was the victim of some unwanted physical touching," said Roberts. "Although it did occur outside of her clothing, we still consider it to be very serious. We're not going to tolerate it. It's disturbing when something like this happens among a young group of children."

The two students involved in the harassment are being disciplined for harassment. We've learned that includes a bus suspension and according to the Code of Conduct they would have been sent to the district's assessment center.

Roberts declined to provide specifics, but did say that the victim's mother is not pressing charges.

The bus driver was investigated, but isn't facing any disciplinary action because none of the students told him and he didn't even know it was going on.

The 5-year-old girl was granted a transfer to another school and rides a different bus.

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