Police say Evansville man gave 7-year-old a STD

Timothy Montgomery
Timothy Montgomery

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE/WAVE) - An arrest in a disturbing case of child molestation. Authorities say the investigation began after a seven-year-old girl was diagnosed with genital herpes.

52-year-year-old Timothy Montgomery of Evansville faces two molestation charges, and although he's never been charged in the past police say it's not the first time he's been suspected of child abuse.

Detective Brian Turpin says the parents of the seven-year-old brought her to Holly's House after she was diagnosed with genital herpes.

Detective Turpin says he's sat through some horrifying interviews while working at Holly's House, but when a seven year-old suffering from genital herpes walked through the doors he say's her story was especially heart-breaking.

Holly's House sees over 500 victims a year, but detectives say it never gets easier hearing cases like this.

Detective Turpin says, "It's really bad because you have a seven-year-old that's going to have to live with something the rest of her life."

Turpin says during the interview the girl told detectives 52-year-old Timothy Montgomery had touched her sexually on many occasions at his eastside residence.

Montgomery was called in for questioning.

Police say he admitted to molesting the girl only twice.

Detective Turpin says, "In talking to him he prided himself on being able to show attention and affection to kids and he was talking about how they really ate that up."

According to a police affidavit, Montgomery's wife had her daycare shut down in the 90's because Montgomery was a suspect but never was arrested.

Holly's House Executive Director Sidney Hardgrave, says child molestation is a growing problem. Uncommon...."people who prey on children prey on more than one child" says Hardgrave.

Sidney Hardgrave says, "'We tell children it's not a secret they can keep and the main reason is that child needs to be protected."

Montgomery was taken to jail and charged with two felony counts of child molesting.

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