Green talks to WAVE 3 about withdrawing from mayor's race

Jackie Green
Jackie Green

By Maira Ansari - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The mayor's race in Louisville is down to two candidates.

Independent candidate for mayor Jackie Green bowed out of the race on Friday, throwing his support behind Democrat Greg Fischer.

Green talked to WAVE 3 on Saturday. "The first objective in our campaign was to change the conversation, we did that immediately," said Green. "The second objective, was to get the candidates to change their positions, that was happening. The third objective, was to occupy the office. It was unlikely. So, we needed for the good of our objectives relative to the issues, for the good of Louisville take another tactic in this bigger chess game."

Green's name will still be on ballots on election day because they've already been printed. However, if you vote for him, those votes will not be counted.