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To say that I am excited to return to the Louisville area is an understatement. I started visiting WAVE 3 News when I was 12 years old and, like my colleague Kevin Harned, John Belski became my mentor. 

I grew up in the Okolona area and moved to Mt. Washington briefly before heading down to Bowling Green join Western Kentucky University. It was at WKU that I created the WKU Storm Team, a student-run television meteorology club which still exists today.

While some of you may remember me as the Fern Creek Kroger Weatherman from the late 90s, my career officially kicked off at WBKO in Bowling Green. After WBKO, I worked at a station in Charleston, SC, followed by The Weather Channel in Atlanta - all over a 10-year span. 

Now I have come full circle and I'm "home" at WAVE 3 News, where I hope to stay for many years. 

Some have asked when did I know I wanted to be a weatherman? I was 8 years old, playing hot wheels and sprinkled salt on my cars to pretend it was a snowstorm. Enough said.

You may see me out and about and if you do, I'll hope you'll say hello!

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